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1940's Classic Jaguars Drop Head Convertibles White - Silver - Cream

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Convertibles Classic Vintage Wedding Cars

Original Drop Head Jaguar Coupe Wedding Cars

Exceptional classic Mark 4 and Mark 5 Jaguar convertibles, original Drop Head Coupe wedding cars.

Silver Cloud Wedding cars has a selection of four of these magnificent convertibles available for weddings in Sydney.

Each vehicle is in outstanding condition, the choice of colours are the Mark Four in old engilsh white and the Three Mark Fives Convertibles Come in Old English White - Cream and Silver.

The very stylish Mark Four White Convertible is available for use as a main or lead car for the wedding day. The vehicle has five seats, however in most cases the car is booked for use by the Bride and Groom only. This vehicle can be matched with one or two Mark Four Sedans in a contrasting of Gum Metal Grey Sedans. The Mark Four Sedans are five seaters carrying four passengers, the gum metal grey colour is set off by the sparking chrome wire wheels.


Beautiful early classic Mk 4 and Mk 5 Jaguar Wedding Cars turn heads when the Bride is on board!

The popular Mark Five head turner Convertible is available in Old English White - Cream and Silver and are in outstanding condition.

The mark five can be found in many jaguar car clubs and driven on club events, it is often seen on television programmes and in movies. The convertible model has been used over the years for special events and formal occasions, this model car is also very popular with today's modern bride and grooms.

Like the Mark Four, the Mark Five has five seats, but is usually booked for use by the Bride and Groom only. This vehicle can be matched with a number of other cars in the Silver Cloud Wedding car Fleet.

The History

The Classis Jaguar Mark IV (pronounced mark four) automobile was built by Jaguar Cars from 1945 to 1949. The cars were marketed as the Jaguar 1 half - 2 half and 3 half litre with the Mark IV name later applied in retrospect to separate this model from the succeeding Mark V range.

The Jaguar Mark V (pronounced mark five) was introduced at the 1948 London Motor show at the same time of the launch of the XK120 sports car.

The vehicles were made of an all pressed steel chassis and designed by Jaguar's chief engineer William Heynes and William Lyons himself. The car was built in reminiscent of pre-war styling with a Bentley look shaped vertical grill and large headlights, with a modernized rounded body styling.

When the Mark Five debuted it was released with several technological firsts. Independent front suspension - ball joints, it was the first with torsion bars, it was also first with all around hydraulic brakes. And other firsts like the chassis passing over the rear axle making for greater comfor.

The Jauguar Mark Five was the first car to be specifically designed to be produced in Left Hand Drive, this was to target the North American market. Interesting it was the very last of the push-rod engines, that were originally designed in the 1930s by the Standard Motor Company, keeping in mind that after the 2nd world war the engines were built by Jaguar.

The Mark Five was for sale as either a 4 door, 5 passenger hard top Saloon sedan or a 2 door open top Convertible Drop Head Coupe. Both of these vehicles were designed with suicide doors. They offered two engines, a 2 half liter and 3 half liter. And a total of only 1675 of these cars were produced over three years. And it should be noted that ONLY 977 of these were the convertible Drop Head and not many remain today.

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