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Jaguar Mk5 Classic Sedan Wedding Cars

The choice of MANY, MANY Modern Brides and Grooms

The beautifully presented Jaguar Mark V (five) was launched in 1948 at the London Motor Show and this year 2019 the car turns 71 years old. They are a car that has stood the test of time, due to wonderful lines of the vehicle they have become very popular with Bride and Grooms and Car collectors worldwide.

Silver Cloud Cars has a great selection of Classic Mk 5 Jaguars in the fleet, in a number of colours, Old English White, Champagne over Gold and Black over Silver as displayed in the first image.

Beautiful early classic Mk 5 jaguar wedding cars turn heads when the Bride is on board!

Not only is the Mark V Jaguar still found in many car clubs and driven on club events, it is often seen in movies and on television. The convertible model has been used over the years for special events and formal occasions, this model car is also very popular with today's modern bride and grooms.The Jaguar Mark V was built by Jaguar Cars Limited from 19488 to 1951.

The sporty Jaguar XK120 was launched at the same time, however the Mark V outsold the XK120 by around 5,000 cars per year. The Mark V retained the 1936 driveline including the Jaguar overhead-valve pushrod 6 half Lt and 3 half Lt models for which the company was renamed after the Second World War.

The wonderful styling of the vehicle followed prewar SS-Jaguar lines with upright chrome grille and came complete with the leaping Jaguar radiator cap mascot. Interestingly there is a distinct hint of styling that is not unlike the Mark 6 Bentley in the shape of the front grill.

Silver Cloud Cars operates a number Mark V 1948 classic Jaguars in five seat sedans, and three drop head soft top convertibles. The colour selection, two in Black over Silver, two others in Old English white and one in Champagne over Gold. With the convertibles in Old English White, Cream and Silver.

For weddings the Mark five Jaguars match well with the same colours combinations in the Mark Six Bentleys and Old English White R'Type Bentley we have on the fleet.

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