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Getting Ready For The Big Wedding Day

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Planning For The Wedding Day

Getting Ready For The Big Day!

Father of the brideWith all the planning done, everything is going just as it should be and only a few personal things left to do! The once in a life time very special day has arrived. What's next?

Everyone a little nervous and that is how it should be! The Bride always takes a few hours to get ready. The boys are just about right and looking very smart, it is great to have your best mates with you on this special day. They are chatting away looking at each other, pining on lapel flowers and doing comparisons, you can tell they are nervous too.

All your family and friends are running about. The photographer is snapping away. Champagne glasses are clinking together. Dad need his flower pinned on and Mum has the biggest smile and a hanky to her eye. Your sister is putting a few special touches to your dress and the bridesmaids are all ready and look just beautiful.

It's All Happening! This Is YOUR Day

Cleaning wedding carsYour chauffeurs have been busy too! The wedding cars are having the final touch ups, a little polish here and there to be sure they shine just right, ribbons are on, champagne chilled, red carpet in place, chauffeurs are in uniform everything is ready!

The cars arrive right on time and they look magnificent! Heads turn as the cars line up in preparation for the bridal party, wowing friends, nab ours and guests.

The groom and groomsmen have already been picked up and on their way.

Silver Cloud Wedding Cars Service runs at your pace, no rushing or pressure. The cars always arrive just little earlier, allowing the bride and party to take as long as they need.

The bridesmaids are placed in the lead cars first followed by the bride, then finally Dad, we are ready to leave, the Bridal car last to depart. Horns are tooting, friends, nab ours and passes by are all waving and wishing you good luck.

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The Bride

The BrideYou are the star of the day standing ready on the stage all set for the biggest and happiest day of your life. You take the walk out the door, carrying your bouquet heading toward the waiting cars, the dress is flowing and the train is blowing gently in the breeze, bridesmaids are fussing. Family and neighbours are all out waiting to see the Bride "YOU" Everyone is looking and cameras are clicking, the chauffeurs are waiting to assist you into the car. Once seated the door closed, the chauffeur tip his cap and the journey to the place to be married begins. As the cars motor along people are calling out, there's a wedding, people are waving at you, horns are tooting and dozens and dozens of unknown people are wishing good luck.

The Venue for the Ceremony

After the ceremonyOr arrival at the place of the ceremony the chauffeurs go to work, opening doors, assisting the photographer, holding flowers, adjusting dresses and they are involved with you until you start the wedding march.

After the ceremony at the time you are returning the cars the chauffeurs go back to work helping everyone into the cars we have the groom and the boys to consider now.

The Bride and Groom

Wedding ChampagneBride and groom ride in the lead wedding car with the bridal party following signifying to the world they we are now married and on our way to party! Everyone happy and ready for a DRINK!

The chauffeur pops the champagne! A perfect photograph opportunity.

During transport from the ceremony to the photograph location or reception the chauffeurs are very happily comply with any reasonable request to go to an alternative location of your choice.

In some case the ceremony and reception are at the same place. If you require the cars, or a car to remain you need to confirm this when booking or make the request with the head chauffeur on the day. Wedding cars are often required for photos and to drive the wedding party to other locations.

Finaly the wedding cars arrive at the reception, the chauffeurs are required to complete the final tasks for the day.


The Getaway Or Escape

Getaway or Escape CarSilver Cloud Cars can have a chauffeur and car waiting outside reception ready to scoot you away. Sip a glass of something cool and relax and let us do all the work.



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