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Brides and grooms visit our showrooms to book quality cars and expect good quality service!

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More Experience in the Wedding Business

Wedding hire car vehicles are often considered as "JUST" transportation

Silver Cloud Mark Five JaguarsThe truth be known, the wedding transportation vehicles you select can and will play a very important roll. The staff at Silver Cloud Cars have some 36 years of experience behind them. They are professionals and know all about the important part the cars and chauffeurs play on this ONE special day!

Brides and grooms visit our showrooms to book quality cars, BUT! They are really coming because they are expecting good quality service! Our clients can very feel comfortable and totally at ease, because all our drivers are qualified and know what to do when needed. Over the years our drivers/chauffeurs have completed hundreds of weddings.

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Silver Cloud Mark Five Jaguars They know the bride and bridesmaids have spent many hours in preparation and gowns need to remain fresh and presentable, so seating the bridal party into the vehicles is very important as is the stylish way they exit the vehicles. Good chauffeurs will play a very important role on your wedding day. It is also very important to us Silver Cloud Wedding Cars that the vehicles selected by our clients for their very special day arrive fully prepared, dressed with white ribbons and are in shinning impeccable condition. The wedding cars will arrive at the bride or grooms pick up point on time, with those all-important uniformed chauffeurs that fully understand your needs and are ready to assist in every way possible.

Service to us at Silver Cloud Cars is of the utmost importance

That service begins from the first day you walk into our showroom to inspect the vehicles, make selections and reserve your choice of wedding cars, right up until they the wedding is over and the cars have returned to be prepared for their next adventure.

Our challenge is in organizing the appropriate documentations to ensure all the details of your wedding day are correct,then continue to remain in contact with you right up to discussing the final arrangements a few days before the wedding, ensuring all is well and no changes have ocured.

Silver Cloud Cars are very good at what we do; remember we have been doing it for over 41 Years!

In that time we have had the pleasure and privilege of transporting literally thousands of ecstatic brides, grooms, families and friends and today many of our newer brides and grooms are sons and daughters of previous engagements and that is a real thrill to be so recommended.

Our Chauffeurs

Silver Cloud Cars chauffeurs are fully trained and have the experience to support the bridal party in every way. They are attentive and friendly helping make sure the wedding day is a memorable one. Attention to detail is not all that is required, when the cars arrive and the time comes to leave for the ceremony, the chauffeurs understand that our brides and bridal party can be a little nervous and need to be re-assured. That is part of their role, as is making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed as possible.

The Day Has Arrived

It is the wedding day!

Chauffeur Pouring Champagne Bride Arrives at Luna Park SydneyEverything is in order; bride and bridal party, mum and dad are ready! The bride has something "OLD" , something "NEW" and something. "BLUE"

The cars are out the front gleaming, dressed with white satin ribbons. Dad needs help with his button-hole flower, the photographer is still clicking away madly and running around barking out orders: "Smile, Stand here, do that". The little flower girl is sitting on the front step with her mother. Mum is already gone, then the head bridesmaid calls: "TIME TO GO!"

It is Time for the Chauffeurs to go to Work

It is time for the chauffeurs to go to work; one holds flowers while the other opens a car door, the first of the bridesmaids steps in and sits down while the chauffeur assists and helps adjust the dress and gets ready for the next in line.

There are only three chauffeurs/drivers but they seem to be everywhere! The bride is always placed in the bridal car last as she stands patiently and waits to be seated.

Look out! The page boy and flower girl are running off! one chauffeur calls to another driver "YOU CATCH HIM!" as he catches the flower girl who is laughing and places her in the vehicle.

Finally the chauffeurs are ready for the bride! It is the bridesmaids who normally assist the bride, but as they are normally seated first in the cars, the chauffeurs come to the bride's aid and place her into the car. Of course should the bridesmaids take on the task the chauffeurs will stand aside if that is the bride's wishes?

However keep in mind that there is a way to place a bride and her gown in and out of a vehicle and the chauffeurs are very experienced in keeping it all in place.

The bride is seated and comfortable, the photographer is taking the last of the pictures at home; now for Dad to be seated, all done! It is time to leave and the chauffeurs take a slow and steady drive to the place of the ceremony.

The Time the Wedding Cars Arrive

Silver Cloud Wedding cars always ensure that the vehicles arrive 15 minutes prior to departure time to allow the bridal party time to be seated comfortably in the wedding cars and no one is rushed.

The Trimmings

All Silver Cloud Wedding Car chauffeurs are fully uniformed and the vehicles are fully prepared and detailed for the wedding day. All the vehicles arrive equipped with champagne and cold water, or specific refreshments that have been requested.

Something to snack on? Yes! That can be arranged or the bridal party can supply a container containing food and beverages to the chauffeurs on the day, to be served when requested. Anything within our power can be arranged. The red carpet is always ready and placed at the bride's door before she alights to protect the gown. Just in case! Every car carries an accessories pack that includes thread and needles,tissues, band-aids and yes we do carry umbrellas.

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